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Jami and Robert - family photo

Jami and Robert - Family Photo

Robert Shenold and Jami Taylor opened Tayshen Automotive on June 1, 2007 with the belief that the Delta County, CO area needed a repair facility with expert technicians who would take care of their customers' cars as if they were their own. Their mission is to educate people about their vehicles and the importance of proper maintenance to avoid costly breakdowns.

Tayshen hires ASE-certified technicians with many, many years of experience to create a professional, courteous atmosphere that is not intimidating to anyone. We especially want our female customers to feel at ease. As a female-owned auto shop in a male-dominated profession, we believe we have achieved this.

Our Service Writer is very friendly and helpful and willing to take the time to discuss your concerns. We don't dismiss anyone because he or she doesn't understand how his or her vehicle operates. We use every experience as an opportunity to educate our customers and to increase their knowledge. Knowledge is power.

Code of Ethics

  • To perform high quality repair service at a fair and just price.
  • To have a sense of personal obligation to each customer.
  • To recommend the services, repairs, and maintenance to the car owners that are necessary to maintain the vehicle in safe working order.
  • To only use products which are safe and which provide service that equals or exceeds those recommended by the vehicle's manufacturer.
  • To service and repair the vehicles in a timely manner and to keep the customer informed of any and all changes, including completion times.
  • To provide the best customer service possible, and in the case of any disputes, to provide a prompt and amicable resolution.
  • To ensure that the entire staff conducts itself in a professional manner in keeping with the high standards of the automotive industry.
  • To notify the customer if appointments or completion promises cannot be kept.

Meet the Team

Robert and his son

Jami R. Taylor - Owner since June 1, 2007

Jami is the ringleader of this crazy family owned business!

Robert Shenold - Shop Manager and ASE Master Certified Technician

Robert is an ASE Master Certified Technician with over 28 years of experience. He also teaches the high school automotive classes at Technical College of the Rockies.

Juan Ramirez - ASE Certified Technician

Juan has over 25 years of experience and has been with us since May, 2011. He has been an integral part of the success of Tayshen Automotive. He is married to Lisa. He has five children and three grand children. He has been called by The Lord to preach the gospel.

Gus Sandels – Apprentice

Gus is currently a student at CMU working towards his Automotive Degree.

Selbi Shenold – Assistant Service Advisor

Selbi is our daughter and was raised in the shop. She is an avid equestrian.

Salem Shenold – US Army

Salem is our son and was raised in our shop. He has enlisted in the US Army. His MOS is 91EAllied Trade Specialist. We are honored that our son was called to serve our great country!

Dozer – Entertainer

Dozer is an eight year old Dachshund. He can usually be found playing fetch with our customers or snoozing in the sun!

Grand Reopening Cedaredge FFA Members & Delta County Ambulance District for 9th anniversary BBQ June 3, 2016. Cedaredge FFA Members & Delta County Ambulance District for 9th anniversary BBQ June 3, 2016. Food Donation Food Donation